Florida LOTTO FAQ´s

FLORIDA LOTTO Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EZmatch? And, how do you play?
EZmatch is a $1 add-on feature that gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes instantly! When a player adds EZmatch to their FLORIDA LOTTO purchase, six EZmatch numbers and instant prize amounts print on their ticket. If any of the EZmatch numbers match any of the FLORIDA LOTTO numbers on the ticket, the player instantly wins the prize amount shown. Players can win up to six times with EZmatch numbers on a single ticket. To play, select the EZmatch box on your playslip, or tell the retailer to add EZmatch to your ticket purchase.
2. Where and how can players claim their EZmatch prizes?
Prizes less than $600 may be claimed at a Lottery retailer, while prizes of $600 or more must be claimed at a Florida Lottery office. EZmatch prizes can also be claimed by mail. If an EZmatch prize is paid by a retailer before the applicable FLORIDA LOTTO drawing on the ticket has occurred, a continuation ticket will be provided to the player for the FLORIDA LOTTO drawing.
3. How long do players have to claim an EZmatch prize?
EZmatch prizes can be claimed immediately after purchase, you don’t have to wait for the drawing. EZmatch prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the first draw date on the FLORIDA LOTTO with EZmatch ticket.
4. How are EZmatch numbers generated?
EZmatch is designed more like a Scratch-Off game than a traditional Draw game, with set prizes and set number of winners at each prize level within a designated pool of tickets pre-loaded into the system. When you purchase a Scratch-Off ticket, the winning prize amounts are printed on tickets and whether or not you are a winner, or what you win, is simply a matter of chance. Similarly, when a player chooses to play EZmatch, the system randomly determines whether that ticket will be an EZmatch winner or a non-winner. When a winner is generated, the system will print a set of EZmatch numbers to match one to six of the FLORIDA LOTTO numbers on the ticket and the pre-determined prize amount.

The EZmatch pool automatically replenishes when all EZmatch top prizes have been won, so there is always a top prize available.
5. If I select Advance Play and EZmatch with my FLORIDA LOTTO purchase, will I receive one ticket or multiple tickets?
If you purchase an Advance Play FLORIDA LOTTO ticket and select the add-on feature EZmatch, you will receive one ticket listing your FLORIDA LOTTO numbers and your EZmatch numbers. EZmatch is an instant win, add-on feature that is not associated with draws. If you claim an EZmatch prize on a FLORIDA LOTTO ticket before any or all FLORIDA LOTTO drawings on the ticket have occurred, you will be issued a continuation ticket for the FLORIDA LOTTO drawing with the same play numbers as the original ticket; however, the EZmatch numbers will not be printed on the continuation ticket.
6. Can FLORIDA LOTTO with EZmatch tickets be canceled?
No, FLORIDA LOTTO with EZmatch tickets cannot be canceled.
7.What is FLORIDA LOTTO® with XTRA?
XTRA is an add-on feature to FLORIDA LOTTO that gives players an opportunity to increase their non-jackpot cash prize winnings by up to five times for $1 more per play.
8. How do you play FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA?
At any Florida Lottery retail location, you can either mark your selections on a FLORIDA LOTTO playslip or tell the retailer the numbers you wish to play. On the playslip, select six numbers from 1 to 53, and mark the XTRA box located on the left side of the new FLORIDA LOTTO playslip. XTRA will apply to all panels, Advance Play and Quick Pick boxes marked on the playslip. XTRA will cost $1 more per play.
9. How much can I win with FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA?
FLORIDA LOTTO players who match the six winning numbers win the advertised jackpot. Those who match five, four or three winning numbers win other great FLORIDA LOTTO cash prizes ranging from approximately $5 to $5,000.

FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA players who match three, four or five winning numbers increase their non-jackpot cash winnings by the XTRA multiplier, from 2 to 5, selected at random at draw time. FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA players who match just two winning numbers, win a free FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA Quick Pick ticket for the next available draw.
10. Are the XTRA prizes set payouts?
Since the XTRA feature was added to FLORIDA LOTTO, on October 11, 2009, new FLORIDA LOTTO playslips are required to play the game. The new playslips are available at more than 13,000 Florida Lottery retailers statewide.
11. Can I use my old playslip to play FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA?
Since the XTRA feature was added to FLORIDA LOTTO, on October 11, 2009, new FLORIDA LOTTO playslips are required to play the game. The new playslips are available at more than 13,000 Florida Lottery retailers statewide.
12. What are the odds of winning FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA?
For FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA players, the odds of matching two of six winning numbers are 1 in 8.58 and the overall game odds are 1 in 7.61. However, the odds of winning prizes in the FLORIDA LOTTO base game remain the same.

The odds of 2, 3, 4, or 5 being selected as the XTRA multiplier are 1 in 4.
13. Is the multiplier number computer generated or drawn using a ball machine?
The multiplier number is drawn at random using a ball machine prior to the drawing, and is then revealed as an animation during the FLORIDA LOTTO drawing.
14. How do I know that the multiplier number that is revealed during the drawing is the same number that was randomly selected prior to the FLORIDA LOTTO draw?
The XTRA number is drawn before the FLORIDA LOTTO drawing to determine the multiplier number for that draw. Like all lottery drawings, the drawings for the XTRA multiplier are videotaped and the draw results are certified by an independent auditor.
15. How much do FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets cost?
FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets cost $2 per play, $1 for FLORIDA LOTTO and an additional $1 to add the XTRA multiplier.
16. How do I know if my FLORIDA LOTTO ticket includes XTRA?
The words “XTRA YES” are printed on all FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets. XTRA applies to all plays on a FLORIDA LOTTO ticket.
17. Are there any changes to the FLORIDA LOTTO base game?
The minimum prize for matching three winning numbers has increased to $5; however, players may continue to play FLORIDA LOTTO for just $1 the way they always have. The 6-of-53 game matrix and odds of winning remain unchanged.
18. Can FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets be canceled?
FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets generated as a sale may be canceled by the original selling terminal; however, tickets must be canceled within two hours of the sales transaction, that day’s close of sales, or the end of the gaming system business day (whichever occurs first). FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets generated as a free ticket prize cannot be canceled.