12/05/20 Florida Lotto Winning Numbers

florida lotto

Florida Lotto Winning Numbers – Saturday, December 05 2020.

Welcome To Florida Lotto Results

Good night!. Here You will find listed the Florida Lotto Winning Numbers updated right after the Draw show, every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Tonight’s Drawing Results For Saturday December 05 2020, are the following:

Florida Lotto Jackpot 12/05/20


Florida Lotto Prize Chart 12/05/20

Florida Lotto Double Play Prize Chart 12/05/20


Important Chart info:

The XTRA multiplier applies only to non-jackpot prizes. The XTRA 3-of-6 prize is a $25 minimum regardless of the multiplier selected for that drawing. The Free Ticket prize applies only to tickets with the XTRA options.

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